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How To Fill German Student Visa Application Form

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Many students facing trouble in filling German student visa application form. This is the application form should be filled carefully and correctly to get German visa successfully. With this article, we provide an insight into filling the visa application form. You can download the form using below button.

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German Visa Application Form

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1. Information on the applicant:

You need to fill the form as per the details given in the passport and need to be filled correctly. Take care while filling the first and last name, it should match with your documents. Next fill up your marital status, type of passport, travel document, and contact details.

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2. Information on the applicant’s spouse/registered partner:

Fill the details of your spouse or partner as required.

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3. Information on the applicant’s children:

Fill up the details of your children also give the details of the children are above 18 years of age.

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4. Information on the applicant’s parents:

Fill up the details of your parents such as Surname, first name, date and place of birth, nationality and place of residence.

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5. ONLY if you have been to Germany before:

If you have been Germany before, please provide the details regarding for same or else right mark on NO.

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6. Intended place of stay in Germany:

Mostly, students prefer single room, hostel or shared apartment. Provide the details given in the accommodation contract. If you don’t have confirmed accommodation agreement (applies to most students) then provide intended place of stay in Germany (eg. student hostel, room.)

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7. Do you intend to maintain your permanent residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany:

Yes, since you will be maintaining your permanent residence at your home country. Fill in your home address.

8. Do family members intend to accompany you:

Fill up the details of your family members are accompanying you or else right mark on NO.

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9. Purpose of stay in the Federal Republic of Germany:

Since your are going for study purpose, check STUDY, or your purpose of stay is different then answer accordingly. Most importantly here is DO NOT check on “I intend to stay no longer than twelve months in the Federal territory and apply for a visa that covers the whole duration of my stay” because you will be staying for a minimum of 18 months to finish your master’s program.

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10. References in the Federal Republic of Germany:

Provide the details of your personal references in Germany, if you don’t have any personal references in Germany then provide the details of your university.

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11. Trade or profession for which you trained and, if different, your current trade or profession:

Provide the details of your trade or profession, if different then your current profession details (eg. Engineer, Doctor).

12. Intended duration of stay in Germany:

Provide the details of your intended duration of stay in Germany i.e from and to date details.

13. What are your means of subsistence:

Provide the details of your funding. How your going to support yourself in Germany (eg. blocked account, scholarship, or family support) and also provide the details of your health insurance. Mark YES , if you have health insurance. If you don’t have one, you can apply for free health insurance from below link:

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Lastly, fill up place and date and do the signature (for minors, parental authority or legal guardian)

Disclaimer: The information provided above is just intended to provide the general information to the applicant’s to fill the form. So kindly check if any additional information required and note that it is just a sample may vary accordingly.


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